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About Me

Founder, Hochberg Sports Marketing

I am the founder of Hochberg Sports Marketing; an independent and socially-conscious sports sponsorship agency.

After a number of years of working in sports for high-profile organizations such as the Brooklyn Nets, Washington Wizards, and others, I found my passion within the industry.

This led to the founding of HSM, which I launched with two goals in mind: To assist underserved athletes and underdeveloped sports properties by building their brands through partnership facilitation, non-profit alignment, public relations placement, and other means.

For too long, the sports business and marketing industries have given 99% of their attention to the 1% of mainstream sports. Simultaneously, athletes in niche sports – take beach volleyball, for example – were largely being ignored by the industry despite their growing fanbases and passionate communities.

HSM was launched to build and amplify the profiles and voices of niche sports and their athletes. Along the way, we are aiming to change the way fans, sponsors, and the media think about and approach the overall sports landscape.



What people are saying

“For the past two years, Matt and his firm (HSM) have represented the interests of the AVP on its sponsorship outreach and management. Over this period, HSM increased our exposure and sponsorship revenues. This increase is attributed to HSM’s networking, perseverance, and integrated sponsorship / marketing concepts. We highly recommend HSM.”

David Kim, Vice President of Partnerships at AVP Beach Volleyball

“Hochberg Sports Marketing is a high-quality and dependable sports sponsorship agency. HSM has helped facilitate multiple partnerships between their athletes and my company, NOW Foods. Matt and the HSM team are reliable, communicative, and have been a pleasure to partner with.”

Alana Horinko, Public Relations Manager at NOW Foods

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Whether you are a brand in search of sports marketing assistance, an athlete seeking representation, a college student looking for advice on how to break into the industry, or just an NBA fan who wants to debate MJ vs. LeBron (a debate that will never go anywhere – yet one I am always down to discuss), drop me a line.